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ZCE - GESWL Express Tracking

Created in 1997, ZCE or GESWL Express as it is better known offers a number of different delivery services for customers around the world. GESWL Express offers freight transportation by air, sea, and land which includes working with international express businesses, agent declaration, agency services, and other logistics transportation.

This means that GESWL is not a standard delivery service, but rather offers freight delivery from China to all parts of the world. If you are shipping or receiving a package from China, then chances are that GESWL will handle at least part of that journey.

How Can I Track a ZCE - GESWL Package?

You can enter the tracking number provided by the carrier which obtained the package. By using their services, you can track the package to its destination. Only freight that originates with GESWL will have a tracking number, but that is most likely a freight or waybill number for point to point delivery between businesses.

In all other regards, GESWL is simply the company that transports the packages between delivery services of the origination and destination company. On their website, they do have a text service that allows you to enter your phone number and receive texts on the location of your package as it is being shipped.

What Does a ZCE - GESWL Tracking Number Look Like?

The tracking number will be the one that is used by the delivery service which has hired GESWL to transport the package. This means that you will use the tracking system of the carrier that is handling the delivery from your location to GESWL and it is the final destination.

For internal transportation that is used between businesses, there may be a waybill or loading number that is used to track the delivery when transported by GESWL. That number will be entered into the system when the container is scanned. Once scanned, the container is then re-scanned when it reaches a port or destination or the container is switched from one type of transportation to another, such as being moved between ships or going from land to air and so forth.

Once unloaded from the aircraft, ship, or vehicle, the package is usually turned over to another delivery company or it is sent to a specific destination such as a business or receiving location.

ZCE - GESWL Delivery Times

Because the company uses air, land, and sea transportation, the delivery time will depend on the service that was purchased by the sending company.

This means that GESWL can quickly transfer most packages by air to and from China for fast delivery. Alternatively, the company may use sea transportation, which is considerably cheaper, but also considerably slower. Land transportation is generally used in China going to or from businesses that are shipping goods overseas.

The delivery times by GESWL will depend on the company that utilizes GESWL as part of their delivery system. What GESWL will do is match the delivery times as indicated by the package that is purchased. So, overnight delivery is made overnight and so forth.