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FedEx Tracking

You can track your packages at FedEx using the assigned tracking number. A FedEx tracking number is assigned to packages which allows them to be monitored on the journey to the destination. Using barcode technology, the tracking number is scanned at the various locations it passes through on its way to its destination.

FedEx tracking is used to allow those who deliver or receive FedEx tracking packages to verify the current location and estimated time of delivery. The FedEx tracking number is assigned to every package and the information is given to those who order the service for their deliveries. That FedEx tracking package number can be shared with anyone by the person ordering the service.

How Do I Track my FedEx Package?

You can track FedEx packages using the assigned tracking number. The FedEx tracking package system is available 24/7 online at the FedEx site. You enter the FedEx tracking number in the designated location on the FedEx site and you will receive information as to the current location of the package.

You can also send an email to with the FedEx tracking number and receive a reply in a few minutes. Another option is using FedEx Insight which does not need a tracking or a reference number. With this service, you get proactive notifications on the shipment that you have made or are receiving.

In addition, there are FedEx Ship Manager services on the FedEx site. If you go to the History page on the FedEx desktop, you can track all shipments that are associated with you.

What Does FedEx Tracking Number Look Like?

A typical FedEx tracking number consists of 12 digits divided into three sections. A sample number may look like the following, 9999 9999 9999. There are exceptions which may consist of a combination of 12 alphabet and numeric characters. Such exceptions usually start with two letters followed by nine digits and then ending with two more letters. An example may include the following, EA 111 111 111 US.

There are formats for FedEx tracking that may include ten digits, but that is quite rare. Until January 2013, FedEx Ground tracking numbers consisted of 15 digits while the Express version was up to 12 digits. That changed to a more uniform standard for both services across FedEx.

FedEx Delivery Times

For the 48 contiguous states, the FedEx tracking package is delivered in one to five business days. For Alaska and Hawaii, the delivery is three to seven business days. The delivery time may vary for different reasons.

Standard FedEx delivery is Monday – Saturday from 9am to 8pm. There is no delivery on Sundays. The exception is when ordering FedEx Same Day or Overnight delivery services. Such delivery services can be used to send a package on Sundays.

For typical shipments, FedEx Ground will pick up packages for delivery Monday – Friday. The FedEx tracking and delivery is available in all 50 states. You can contact FedEx tracking for more information on how the FedEx tracking package system works.