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UPS Tracking

The United Parcel Service or UPS as it is commonly known offers tracking for its packages both domestic and international. Founded in 1907, UPS is one of the largest delivery companies in the world. Recognizable by their unique, large brown delivery trucks, UPS has developed a tracking system that allows you to follow your package from the moment the number has been assigned to its final delivery.

When you send a package with UPS, a tracking number is automatically assigned. You can follow your package to its destination by doing the following.

How Do I Track my UPS Package?

When you purchase the delivery service or are informed by UPS that a package is on the way, they will provide you with the tracking number. For those who purchase the delivery service, the tracking number will be on the tag that is part of your receipt. For those who are receiving the delivery, you will usually be informed by an email.

UPS Site: Go to, find the tracking page, and enter the number. This will provide you with a list of locations that the package has been scanned on the way to its final delivery. Each destination that the package travels to is scanned which will indicate the last known location of the package. Most of the scanning occurs when the package enters and leaves a UPS facility. Then, the package is scanned when placed upon the UPS delivery truck to its final destination.

Track by Reference: If you do not have a tracking number, then you can still track the package by the reference number. You go to, find the “tracking by reference” page, and enter the reference number and the date that the package was shipped. This provides enough information to allow UPS to narrow down the package so you can track it.

You may also call or contact UPS with the tracking number or reference number, and they will look up the information for you.

What Does a UPS Tracking Number Look Like?

For deliveries in the United States, UPS assigns an 18-character tracking number. It almost always starts with “1Z” and is followed by a 6-character number that mixes numbers and letters that identifies the shipper. This is followed by 2 digits which are the level indicator, and last is the 8 digits that is the package identification. The final digit in the package identification is the check digit.

A typical USP tracking number will look something like the following, 1Z 000 AA0 00 000000.

UPS Delivery Times

Normal delivery times for UPS are from 9am to 7pm weekdays. There are times in which USP might deliver after their normal hours. This will depend on the type of delivery orders and the time the delivery reaches the location.

On Saturdays, UPS will generally delivery packages from 9am to Noon. Such deliveries are generally available when ordering UPS Next Day Air Early, UPS Next Day Air, UPS Second Day Air, UPS 3-Day Select, and UPS Ground. UPS generally does not deliver on Sundays.