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WINIT Tracking

WINIT Information Technology Company was founded in Shanghai, China in 2012. The company specializes in providing supply chain solutions for China, Britain, Germany, Australia, and the US. Employing more than 700 people around the world, WINIT assists eCommerce sellers by providing fast delivery services. WINIT is a combination of “Win It” which is the desire to be the best in their field.

By 2014, WINIT partnered with eBay to provide warehousing services that were customizable to customers. Combined with KPI monitoring system, the company provides same-day shipping with 95% of their orders. WINIT fills the gap in providing customers fast delivery, end-to-end tracking, and low prices for their services.

How Do I Track my WINIT Package?

You can track a WINIT package by entering the proper tracking number to their site. The result will be the last known location of the package. Because most of WINIT’s deliveries are same day, this means that the tracking itself usually starts when the tracking number is created. The package is then scanned when it is loaded onto the mode of delivery.

It is then scanned again when it reaches its destination. If it is delivered to a warehouse or processing center, then there may be an additional scan. Plus, if the package is transferred to another delivery service, it is scanned at that point. For those who are following the course of the package they have ordered, the website will show the last location where it was scanned.

What does a WINIT Tracking Number Look Like?

There are four different formats associated with WINIT tracking numbers. This may seem that it makes the service more complicated, but the formats are fairly easy to see. The first consists of twelve digits which starts with a pair of letters and is followed by ten numbers usually in the following order.

  • WO 123 456 789 0

The second type of tracking number is fourteen digits long and usually ends with a pair of numbers like in the following.

  • 123 456 789 123 45

The third type of WINIT tracking number is 17 digits long, starts with three letters and ends with two letters. The most common letters used are LMA for the beginning and CN for the ending.

  • LMA 123 456 789 123 CN

Finally, the last type of tracking number consists of 18 digits, starts with the letters ID, followed by fourteen numbers, then ending in CN.

  • ID 123 456 789 123 45 CN

WINIT Delivery Times

As stated before, 95% of WINIT's deliveries are same day. This means that if your delivery is ordered before the cutoff time, it will arrive at its destination on the same day. The remaining 5% of deliveries may be next-day or a pre-arranged time.

WINIT has managed to develop a strong reputation for reliable delivery in the few years that they have been in business. With the emphasis on the ever-expanding eCommerce market combined with their partnership with popular sites such as eBay, WINIT has a strong future in the delivery service.