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The Lorry Tracking

The Lorry is a courier service that offers an on-demand logistics platform for its vehicles. The typical types of vehicles that The Lorry employs includes vans, trucks, and lorries as the name implies. This courier service operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Because it is an on-demand service, it can transport items both large and small in its designated areas.

The Lorry is considered one of the top courier companies located in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. It operates a number of different vehicles designed to meet the needs of its delivery service while complying with local laws.

How Do I Track my The Lorry Package?

The Lorry offers a website in which you can track the package that you are sending or receiving. You simply locate the website, find the tracking page, and enter the number. You will see a history of scanned locations that the package has been, including the latest one which indicates its last known location. Keep in mind that the scanning is limited to when the package is transferred.

Although The Lorry is a courier service designed for fast delivery of all packages, the item will usually be scanned into the system when it arrives, then scanned as it is assigned to a vehicle. If the contents are moved from one vehicle to another, then the package will be scanned again. Once it is on the vehicle that will take the package to the destination, it will only be scanned to remove it from the system once it has been delivered.

The Lorry Tracking Number Example

Because The Lorry is a courier service that operates across different countries, there is no uniform tracking number system. Instead, an individual number is assigned to the package, document, or item that is to be delivered when the order is made. Called a booking number, this will be assigned when the package enters the system.

You can enter the booking number on the tracking website to see its last known location. Alternatively, if you do not have access to the website or you need additional assistance, The Lorry offers a customer service number that can assist. You will need your booking number and information to find out the last known location of the package that is to be delivered.

The Lorry Delivery Times

The delivery times will vary depending on the country in which The Lorry operates. But all pickups and deliveries are made between 8am and 8pm local time. The speed of the delivery will depend on the service that is purchased, but it will be delivered by 8pm on the day that it is due. It should be noted that The Lorry is not held liable for late deliveries, especially when delays are caused by conditions beyond the control of the driver.

This includes weather and traffic conditions, loading and unloading from different business locations, and any special requests that the customer makes as part of the delivery. The Lorry is a courier which means that the delivery service can be modified by customer request.