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SpeedPAK Tracking

SpeedPAK is a direct mail service that was created by Orange Alliance Technology Co., Ltd., for the eBay delivery system that is based in China. In other words, SpeedPAK was created to expedite deliveries using the existing eBay platform so that packages from China could be sent faster around the world. All this for a lower cost than the traditional delivery systems that were in place.

SpeedPAK provides what is known as end-to-end logistics which means from the origin to the delivery point. This includes 21 cities in China that ship around the world. By incorporating the delivery system into eBay, it increases the efficiency of how SpeedPAK delivers packages.

How Do I Track my SpeedPAK Package?

SpeedPAK offers a universal package tracker which can be found on their website. You enter the tracking number and it will provide the last known location of the package. Similar to tracking systems used by other carriers, SpeedPAK uses a code system which is scanned when packages are loaded onto trucks, ships, trains, or aircraft.

Packages are also scanned when they are delivered to processing centers during the delivery. This allows for you to see where the package is at whenever it has been scanned.

What Does a SpeedPAK Tracking Number Look Like?

A typical SpeedPAK tracking number will consist of two letters followed by 26 other characters which mostly consist of numbers. There is a subtle difference between tracking numbers for economy service and those that use standard service. Examples of such tracking numbers are as follows.

Standard: ES1000453044234DD01010001D0A

Economy: EE1000452044224EE10100001D0A

SpeedPAK also provides an express delivery service as well. As you can see the differences are subtle, but the economy delivery tracking number starts with an “EE” while the standard service starts with an “ES”. There may be other differences as well, but for the most part SpeedPAK uses the same tracking number format for all its deliveries.

SpeedPAK Delivery Times

The delivery times for SpeedPAK depend on several factors which include the type of service ordered, the size and weight of the package, and the country where it is to be delivered. Generally speaking, a typical package that uses the standard delivery system can go from China to the US in 8 to 12 business days. This assumes that there is nothing out of the ordinary with the package itself.

Express delivery allows a package to arrive in five business days. Keep in mind that once the package enters the US, it is transferred to the United States Postal Service. Which means that the USPS will take over the delivery until it reaches its destination. Keep in mind that other delivery services may be used depending on the circumstances.

Economy delivery is generally slower compared to standard, but less expensive. There is no set time for this type of delivery, but two to four weeks or longer depending on the size, weight, and delivery destination of the package.

SpeedPAK offers a faster means of delivering packages from China, providing for services that work well with eBay’s delivery system.