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SF Express International Tracking

Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, SF Express operates over 50 cargo aircraft and is the second largest courier in China. The company provides express delivery for domestic and international packages. The company started in 1993 with service between Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. By 2010, it was providing same day and next morning deliveries.

Over the years, SF Express has expanded its services to cover most of China with the exception of Qinghai and Tibet provinces. In addition to its delivery services, the company also owns roughly 4,000 Heike stores.

How Do I Track my SF Express International Package?

You will need to log into the Easyship Dashboard which is part of the SF Express website. Once you have logged in, you can take your SF Express tracking number and enter it in the waybill box. Once entered, you will see the last known location of the package.

As typical of most delivery services, packages are scanned when they are entered into the system at the origination point. Plus, they are scanned as they are loaded, unloaded, and when passing through processing centers. When you enter the tracking number, the last place it was scanned will be revealed.

If you do not have the tracking number, you can use your own phone number if it was assigned to the package. Simply change the setting from waybill number to phone number and enter. The result will be the same as entering the tracking number. You will receive the last known destination along with the history of where the package has been.

What Does an SF Express Tracking Number Look Like?

Typical SF Express tracking numbers are twelve digits. There may be some variation in terms of the number of digits, but twelve seems to be the most common. A typical SF Express tracking number will look something like the following.

  • 987654321098
  • 012345678901

You can enter the number on the website to find the last known location of the package.

SF Express Tracking Delivery Times

SF Express specializes in same day delivery services. That means when your package is received by a pre-designated time, it will be delivered the same day by 8pm. If the package is accepted into the system after the pre-designated time, then the delivery will be the next business day.

Keep in mind that same day delivery is guaranteed for those living in major cities in China. This is mostly for deliveries that originate and delivered within the same city or province or economic circle. SF Express is a courier service that provides point to point delivery for items that must reach their destination on the same day.

Service that is between major cities, economic circles, or across large provinces are committed to arrive by 10pm the same day. This assumes that they are entered into the system before the pre-designated time. You will need to check with SF Express to see when the latest time you can send a package on the same day.

In addition, the deliveries are made from Monday through Friday. There are no deliveries made on Saturday, Sunday, or designated holidays.