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OnTrac Tracking

Founded in 1991, OnTrac is a privately held company that offers regional shipping services to the Western part of the United States. Originally known as California Overnight, the company expanded through the acquisition of other, smaller courier companies in both the US and Canada. This led to OnTrac opening up services to other states which include Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Idaho.

While the original purpose of the company was to provide overnight delivery in the state of California, it has expanded its services to include other options.

How Do I Track my OnTrac Package?

There are several ways in which you can track a package that is being sent by OnTrac. The most common way is to use the tracking number provided by the company. You locate the OnTrac Tracking Page on their official website, enter the tracking number at the designated location, and you will receive the last known location of the package along with the history of delivery.

This means that you will see when the package first entered the system. Plus, when it was scanned when being delivered which includes any processing centers and the final destination point.

If you do not have the tracking number, you can also use the account number or reference number provided by the company. Each has its own entry point just below the tracking number on the same web page. Simply enter the account or reference number and view the results.

Account and reference numbers are generally used for larger shipments and can be found on the copy of the shipping report, waybill, or manifest. If you have any additional questions, you can contact OnTrac itself either through the website or by phone.

What Does an OnTrac Tracking Number Look Like?

Tracking numbers for OnTrac all use the same number of letters and numerals. This means that all OnTrac tracking numbers start with a single letter and are followed by 14 digits. Some examples include the following.

  • C11223344556677
  • D12001122334455

Whether sunrise, second day, or C.O.D. the tracking numbers all follow the same pattern. If you see any discrepancy, then it is advised to contact the company if the tracking number is not working.

OnTrac Delivery Times

The delivery times for OnTrac packages will depend on the service that is chosen. Currently, there are four different times for delivery based on the service provided.

  • Sunrise: Next business day by Noon. On Saturday by 2pm
  • Saturday: All packages delivered on Saturday

Packages that are picked up on Friday for Saturday delivery are charged an extra $15. Otherwise, the cost is relatively the same if the package is picked up before Friday.

  • Second Business Day: Delivery by 5pm to Oregon, Washington, and Utah

In addition, packages sent from Arizona to Utah and Washington are third business day, arriving by 5pm.

  • C.O.D.: This is when payment for the package comes from the person who receives the package.

The delivery times may vary depending on the type of service that is chosen. Plus, conditions of C.O.D. must be met before the package can be delivered.