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MSC Tracking

Founded in 1970, the Mediterranean Shipping Company is believed to be the second largest company of its type in the world. What began in Naples, Italy as a single vessel has expanded through the purchase of second-hand cargo ships to cover the Mediterranean Sea, Southern and Northern Europe, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Australia, and North America.

The company itself ships large consignments around the world to 315 ports. In addition to shipping, the company also has ships designed to carry passengers as part of their MSC Cruises division.

How Do I Track my MSC Package?

You will receive a tracking number, Bill of Lading, or Booking Reference Number for the items that are being shipped. This tracking number is then assigned to a container number which is scanned as it is loaded. Therefore, to track your MSC package, you will need to visit their website, find the tracking page, and enter the container number which has been provided to you as well.

Once you enter the container number, the last location where it was scanned will be entered on the screen. This will allow you to view the package as it travels from its origination point to its destination. Keep in mind that destinations for MSC are ports. Which means that once your package arrives, it will be taken by another carrier to its final destination unless you are picking it up yourself from the port.

What does an MSC Tracking Number Look Like?

The most common type of tracking number used by MSC is a combination of letters and numbers that reach eleven characters. There are some less common formats that exist, but for the most part if you see an MSC tracking number, it will look something like this.

  • ABCD1234567
  • EFGH7654321

These are the container numbers that are scanned before being placed on the vessel. So, the tracking is really to the container and not the package itself. It is possible that the items may be moved from one container to another if it is damaged, but that is a rare instance when traveling. Otherwise, wherever the container goes is where your shipment will be.

MSC Delivery Times

There are no set times for all deliveries. MSC is a shipping company that transports containers which contain items or packages. So, the delivery from port to port will be determined by the ship and the distance it must travel.

You can visit their website and enter the origin and destination countries to find out the general times in which the package can be delivered from port to port. The longer the distance, the more time it will take to reach the destination. The speed of the vessel, weather conditions, and the loading and unloading are a part of the delivery times as well.

For shipping a large number of items, MSC has developed a strong reputation for its delivery service. Fast, reliable, and capable of large shipments, MSC remains one of the leaders in the shipping industry.