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LaserShip Tracking

Serving 22 states, LaserShip was founded in 1986. Currently, the company operates 63 distribution centers along with sorting centers across a large section of the US. The company is arguably best known for handling shipments through Amazon. In particular, the Amazon Same Day service is primarily handled by LaserShip in the regions of the US that it serves.

LaserShip is known as a “last-mile” delivery service. This means that it ships directly to the destination. This is unlike some other delivery companies that may either transfer the package to another carrier, such as the USPS. Or ship to a general location for the package to be picked up by the recipient.

Interestingly enough, the company began as a document delivery service. By the 1990s, it had expanded greatly thanks to the dot-com boom which allowed LaserShip to partner with Barnes & Noble in the delivery of same-day items in the greater New York City area. Currently, LaserShip is continuing to expand its services across the US.

How Do I Track my LaserShip Package?

You simply enter the tracking number to the designated page on the LaserShip website. Once you enter the tracking number, you will be presented with a history of the delivery to the last known location. As with other delivery services, LaserShip scans the package when it arrives. This enters the package and tracking number which is then scanned when being delivered or processed at a distribution center.

The tracking number stays in effect until the package is delivered. The system will also provide an estimated time of delivery.

You can also email your tracking number to You will receive a notification of the current location of your package. In addition, you can also fill out a contact form and send a message to their chat bot called Codee. Codee will answer basic questions about a delivery and put you in touch with a customer service representative.

What Does a LaserShip Tracking Number Look Like?

Although there may be variations, the most common form of LaserShip tracking number is a combination of two letters followed by eight numbers.

  • EE1234 5678
  • LP1234 5678

There may be other formats that exist, but this is the most common one. It is also possible that LaserShip may change their tracking number format in the future.

LaserShip Delivery Times

LaserShip delivers packages from Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm. If it is a business address, they will deliver until 5pm. In selected areas, LaserShip will also deliver on weekends from 8am to 9pm. Plus, you can request to pick up a package at a local delivery location. Call the customer service department to make arrangements if you want to pick up rather than have the package delivered.

The speed in which the package arrives will depend on the delivery services that are purchased. For the most part, LaserShip focuses on fast delivery services for residential and business customers. In addition, LaserShip offers courier services to ship packages that meet certain criteria to locations around the world.