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JRMT Tracking

JRMT Universal Express is a freight and logistics company that provides delivery for the Southern Philippines. Founded in 2005, the company began as part of Phimco Industries with the delivery of lighter products. Over the years, the company diversified and became a sub-distributor for Proctor and Gamble. JRMT managed to become an independent operation that now serves the southern islands of the Philippines.

The company offers standard logistical services, handling of cargo, customs brokerage, and is a forwarding agent for shipments that comes from businesses, merchants, and individuals. This includes pickup and delivery of items within its designated sphere of operations. Plus, connecting with other shipping companies for global deliveries.

How Do I Track my JRMT Package?

Packages can be tracked through independent parcel apps and websites that serve JRMT Universal Express. The company website itself does not offer a tracking number page, but all packages delivered by the company can be tracked independently.

Enter the tracking number, hit enter, and you will get a tracking history of the package. The history includes when the package was entered into the JRMT system, the different locations in which the package was transferred to different vehicles, and the final delivery. Since JRMT offers a point to point delivery service, it may be that the tracking number will have the entry information and only one or two tracking points listed on the results page.

JRMT Tracking Number Example

There is no stated example of a tracking number for JRMT Universal Express. This is mostly because the company delivers packages from other parcel services which use their own tracking number system. JRMT serves the southern Philippines area which means that a package coming in will use the tracking number of the service before reaching JRMT.

As a forwarding agent and cargo handler, JRMT Universal Express relies on the tracking numbers generated by other carriers. For its logistic and domestic freight services, this is a point to point service that works internally with the company.

JRMT Delivery Times

Because JRMT is a forwarding agent, it has set delivery times for the packages that it delivers. Usually based on a point to point system. This usually means that the deliveries are made within the working hours of the company along with the location’s working hours. Bottom line, JRMT delivers when the receiving business or location is open.

This makes JRMT similar to a courier service that operates between businesses. As a forwarding agent, it is most likely that a package which was handled by JRMT will start and end its journey with another delivery service or reach a specified location for pickup. What can be said is that JRMT does offer fast delivery from point to point, so same day and overnight is possible.

Chances are, if you are sending your package to the southern Philippines, it will be handled by JRMT Universal Express as part of its journey. From unloading the cargo to taking the package to the final carrier for delivery or business location, JRMT fulfills its forwarding agent commitments in the global delivery market.