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Japan Post Tracking

Founded in 2003, Japan Post was a government-owned corporation that offers postal along with package delivery services. At the time, Japan Post was the largest employer in Japan with 24,700 post offices and 400,000 employees. In 2007, the company was privatized although stocks were not sold until 2012.

Today, Japan Post operates four major holdings which starts with running the post office and making deliveries. The company also is a bank, sells life insurance, and operates Toll Holdings which provides logistics and transportation.

How Do I Track my Japan Post Package?

As with most delivery services, you enter the tracking number provided when the package has been scanned into the Japan Post system. You locate the tracking page on the Japan Post site, enter the tracking number, and you will get the last known location of the package along with a history of the delivery. The tracking system is good for up to 100 days after the package has been posted into the system.

You can also choose to receive an email notification when the package has been delivered to its destination. Japan Post allows you to track up to 100 packages or mail items that have been marked with a tracking number at one time.

It should be noted that standard letters and postcards do not carry a tracking number, so they cannot be tracked.

What Does a Japan Post Tracking Number Look Like?

Although there are different formats used by Japan Post, the most common is one that uses 13 characters. It generally starts with two letters, followed by nine numbers, then ending with two more letters which are usually “JP” that stand for Japan Post. So, a typical tracking number from Japan Post would look like the following.

  • AA 123 456 789 JP
  • ZZ 987 654 321 JP

Again, there may be less commonly used formats for tracking numbers used by Japan Post, but the 13 character one is the most used.

Japan Post Delivery Times

Depending on the location, deliveries are made in three to six business days. Keep in mind that fees tend to be higher because Japan Post uses air travel to deliver packages. However, the priority is lower than standard air mail, so they are not delivered at the same speed. Letters are delivered in 2 to 4 business days around the world.

Japan Post does offer EMS which is a faster delivery system for certain countries and locations. The destinations from Japan for EMS includes the following.

  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam
  • Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • India and France

In addition, Japan Post delivers foods to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Japan Post has worked over the years to create a simple system of delivering packages. While they may not be the fastest or offer the most options, they have created an easy to understand line of services that are used by millions of people every day. It should be noted that Japan Post’s other interests have helped keep the post office aspect of their company open.