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EMS Tracking

Express Mail Service (EMS) was formed by the Universal Postal Union in 1998. The purpose was to offer fast delivery for customers who pay a premium price to destinations around the world. While each country governs its own postal service, the EMS allows for express delivery of packages between countries at a faster pace.

Since 2015, EMS is serving over 190 countries and territories around the world. Right now, 182 postal administrative services have become part of the EMS cooperative, allowing for faster delivery of packages from one country to another.

How Do I Track my EMS Package?

You enter the tracking number into the Track and Trace space on the EMS site. Once you enter the number and press the button, the result will be the last location that the package was scanned. You can see the entire history of the delivery from the point of origin all the way to the final destination using the track and trace system on EMS.

  • EMS Home Page
  • Click on “EMS Customers”
  • Select “Tracking”
  • Enter Tracking Number
  • Click “Tracking” button

If you do not have a tracking number or the number you enter does not show a result, you can call Worldwide EMS operators to find out more about the package. Keep in mind that with some international deliveries it may not be possible to track the package in a particular country.

What Does an EMS Tracking Number Look Like?

A typical EMS tracking number starts with a two-letter code, such as EE or AB, and is followed by nine digits and two more letters that indicate a country code. So, a typical EMS tracking number would look something like the following.

  • EE123456789US
  • ZF123456789UK

The nine digits consist of eight numbers that constitute the serial number for the package. While the ninth digit is a check number. The purpose of the check digit is to show whether there is a mistype in the code itself. Since EMS allows the code to be used from one country to another, it means that you can track the package from the origin to the destination with the same code.

EMS Delivery Times

Since EMS is really a cooperative between postal services, the delivery times will depend on the local postal service that is used. For example, a delivery that starts in the UK and ends in the US will depend on the US Postal Service in terms of taking the package and delivering it to its destination. While EMS allows for quicker shipping between countries, the rules for express package delivery is set by the postal service within the destination country.

There is also the speed in which the postal service making the delivery through EMS is calculated, but the more important time is when the local postal service can deliver the package. All this can be calculated on the EMS site by entering the origin and destination city or province and setting a send date. From that, an estimate of how fast the package can be delivered will be calculated.