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DHL eCommerce Tracking

Standing for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn, DHL is an American-German courier service that was founded in the US back in 1969. Until 1983, the company primarily focused on international delivery. But the success of FedEx prompted DHL to create a domestic delivery service in the US. DHL was purchased by Deutsche Post fully by 2002 and is now part of the larger Deutsche Post company which is located primarily in Germany.

To send a package through DHL, you simply deliver it to the nearest DHL location, pay the delivery fees, and you will receive a tracking number.

How Do I Track my DHL Package?

There are several ways you can track your DHL package. The most common method is to go to the site, finding the tracking page, and enter the tracking code. This will provide you with the latest known location of the package and estimated delivery time. Other methods include the following.

Email: You simply enter the waybill number only in the subject field of your email and send it to You will get a reply as to the last known location of the package.

Text: Text the waybill number to DHL and you will get a response in a few minutes as to the last known location of the package.

Customer Service: If you call the DHL customer service and select “track a package or parcel”, you can say the tracking number and receive the last known location of the package.

What Does a DHL Tracking Number Look Like?

DHL uses a tracking number system that differs depending on the type of delivery that is chosen. This means that the tracking number will vary considerably.

DHL Parcel: The tracking number usually starts with a JVGL, JJD, or 3S. This is followed by a series of numbers or characters that may extend to 10 or beyond. Ex. JVGLAAA000123456.

DHL Express: 10 digits which are all numbers. Ex. 1234567890. There are times in which DHL Express will start the tracking number with letters, such as JJD or JVGL or something along those lines.

DHL eCommerce: You will find the tracking number begins with two letters, such as LX, RX, GM, or some other combination. This is followed by 10 to 39 characters that varies depending on several factors. Ex. LX0000000000.

DHL Global Forwarding: There are several different types of tracking numbers with this delivery service that ranges from 7 digits only, such as 1234567. And may also include the following.

  • One number, two letters, four to six numbers; 1CC12345
  • Starts with three or four letters: ABCD123456
  • Starts with three-digit carrier code, followed by eight numbers. 123-12345678

DHL Delivery Times

For the most part, DHL delivers from Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm. They may deliver outside of the stated times depending on traffic conditions, size of package, and type of delivery service that has been ordered. DHL can deliver on Saturdays depending on the package delivery service that is chosen. This is true in the US and most European countries. Sunday delivery is possible using the Same Day Delivery feature.