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China Post Tracking: Track Your Parcels from China

This guide is designed to assist you in monitoring your parcels with China Post tracking, using both official and alternative resources. China Post service offers a variety of options, including standard postal service and express service. It will instruct you on how to interpret the status updates of your package and explain the significance of each tracking notification.

Key Takeaways

  • China Post offers a robust tracking system for both domestic and international shipments, with services ranging from small parcel delivery to Express Mail Service (EMS).
  • Tracking China Post shipments can be conducted through the official China Post website using a tracking number or via third-party tracking tools such as ParcelTrack, AfterShip, and 17TRACK for broader tracking capabilities. It is important to regularly check the tracking status to get accurate information about the package's location, any delays, and the estimated delivery date.
  • Common tracking statuses include:
    • Order Information Received – indicating that the shipping information has been received by China Post but the package has yet to be dispatched.
    • Departure from outward office of exchange – meaning the package has left the international exchange center in China and is on its way to the destination country.
    • Delivery Failed – which occurs when the package could not be delivered to the recipient due to various reasons such as incorrect address or absence of the recipient.

Introduction to China Post Package Tracking

Experience the certainty of always being aware of your package’s whereabouts with China Post tracking. China Post offers a comprehensive range of international mail delivery services, including the circulation of newspapers, journals, and books, postal remittance services, issuing of stamps, postal express delivery, and logistics services, e-business, and confidential correspondence communication for both domestic and international mail delivery. Whether it is navigating through the vibrant avenues of Shanghai or making its way to tranquil neighborhoods abroad, every step of your package’s travels is diligently documented.

This detailed guide will take you through all aspects, from understanding the subtle details of China Post services to mastering the complex patterns found in tracking number formats. By its conclusion, you’ll not only be proficient at monitoring your shipments, but also equipped to effortlessly handle any obstacles that might arise during their transit.

Understanding China Post Tracking

Illustration of China Post packages being sorted and processed

The powerhouse of China’s postal services, China Post, provides a comprehensive tracking system allowing for vigilant monitoring of your shipments as they navigate through the country or traverse globally. Here we delve into the intricacies of China Post’s tracking offerings to give you an explicit understanding and guide you on how to proficiently utilize these resources.

What is China Post?

The China Post operates as the People’s Republic of China’s official postal service, functioning not only as a state-owned enterprise but also playing the role of regulatory authority. It manages an extensive array of china post packages through its widespread network, which encompasses services like china post ordinary packet, and guarantees their delivery to locations within the country and abroad.

Far from being merely a postal service provider, China Post serves as an essential conduit linking businesses with customers and helping maintain connections between families and friends across international borders.

Types of China Post Services

China is a leader in China. Post offers straightforward categories within its postal services to streamline international mail delivery, including options tailored for the United States Postal Service. Their available service tiers are:

  1. Small Parcel service: Ideal for sending items that are light and not too large.
  2. Large Package service: Designed to handle heavier and bigger shipments.
  3. Express Mail Service (EMS): For urgent deliveries, China Post EMS ensures fast and safe transit.

China Post also offers postal express delivery for sending packages domestically and internationally.

These varied services provided by China Post ensure there is an appropriate option whether it’s a simple greeting card or a sizable package that needs shipping internationally.

How to Track China Post Packages

Person tracking a China Post package online

Possessing a China. Post tracking number grants you access to the fascinating realm of post tracking, allowing insight into the transit narrative of your china post package. This valuable tool is essential whether you’re an experienced e-commerce shopper or sending your inaugural parcel across borders. China Post also offers postal financial services, which can be useful for customers.

We will delve into both sanctioned platforms and ancillary services that simplify the process for monitoring china post packages, making it straightforward and convenient.

Using the China Post Website

To track your China Post package efficiently, start at the official website of China Post. With your tracking number in hand, head over to the tracking section, input your unique code, and observe as each stage of your package’s journey is displayed. This process provides easy access to up-to-the-minute information, enabling you to keep a close eye on every step of your shipment’s progress.

Third-Party Tracking Tools

In an effort to obtain a broader overview of your package’s location, many opt for third-party tracking tools that provide additional insights into the journey of your delivery. These services compile information from multiple shipping companies, giving you a detailed picture of where exactly your parcel is at any given moment. The motivation behind this might be due to delays within the official systems or simply because users prefer these platforms’ user interfaces. Either way, with just one click or tap on these resources, crucial updates are readily accessible. Some well-known third-party trackers include ParcelTrack, AfterShip, 17TRACK, TrackChecker and Package Buddy.

By utilizing such applications, not only do they keep you clued in about where your shipment is currently, but also provide valuable estimates regarding its anticipated arrival time—helping ensure you’re always updated regarding delivery timelines.

China Post Tracking Number Format

Your china post package can be followed by utilizing the specific set of characters called a tracking number. This code is structured according to global specifications, not merely an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers. It discloses the type of service used and enables you to monitor your delivery as it traverses different countries and postal networks.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

To clarify with some instances, EMS packages usually have tracking numbers that begin with an ‘E’ and conclude with the country code ‘CN’. On the other hand, a registered air mail package’s number often starts with an ‘R’ and adopts this familiar format. These initial letters coupled with the suffix indicating the country code serve as indicators of which service is being used, ensuring you’re correctly using a parcel tracking system when inputting these numbers.

Common Tracking Statuses

As your package makes its journey to the intended location, you will come across various tracking updates. These notifications serve as clues guiding you through each step of the delivery process, shining a light on the route your parcel follows and ensuring that you stay updated at every pivotal point.

"Order Information Received"

The status ‘Order Information Received’ serves as the commencement of your parcel’s transit, signifying that the sender has begun the shipping procedure but has not yet physically transferred the package to China Post. It signals that your package is lined up and ready to join the stream of postal system operations.

"Departure from outward office of exchange"

Upon encountering the ‘Departure from outward office of exchange’ status, it signifies a critical juncture. Your parcel has left China and is currently on its way to the destination country. This particular update represents an important phase in global shipping since it typically means that international carriers have taken custody of the package, which is now approaching its ultimate segment towards the designated delivery office.

"Delivery Failed"

Seeing the ‘Delivery Failed’ alert is an unwelcome sight, signaling that your package did not make it to its intended destination as expected. This could be due to incorrect address details, the recipient not being present, or other unexpected complications. There’s no need for excessive worry. This isn’t necessarily a final setback.

Actions can be undertaken to remedy this issue and guarantee that your parcel is delivered successfully to where it belongs. China Post also offers postal remittance services, which are part of their postal and logistics solutions.

Special Tracking Cases

Tracking China. Post parcels is a simple process, but certain unique cases such as air mail or unregistered packages may require more specific tracking methods and a deeper understanding of the system.

Tracking China Post Air Mail

Utilizing China Post Air Mail is often favored for its effective combination of affordability and promptness. One should anticipate less regular tracking updates compared to alternative services. It’s important to note that crucial stages such as processing through sorting centers and movement towards international airports will be recorded despite this. Bear in mind that the inherent characteristics of air mail might cause intermittent lags in tracking details, thus patience becomes essential when opting for this service.

Tracking China Post Registered Mail

For individuals in need of enhanced security, China Post Registered Mail offers several advantages.

  • The provision of a tracking number for your parcel
  • Assurance from the ability to trace your package
  • Heightened attention and protection during the delivery journey
  • An optimal choice for high-value or delicate goods that demand greater surveillance.

Tracking Unregistered Packages

Conversely, packages that have not been registered pose a distinct challenge. Tracking capabilities exist within China. Updates can become infrequent or cease entirely once the shipments leave the Chinese borders. Acknowledging this constraint is key to managing expectations regarding tracking unregistered parcels and avoiding unforeseen surprises about their whereabouts.

China Post Delivery Time

If you’re either dispatching or awaiting a delivery, the duration it will require is often of utmost concern. China’s economy is booming. Post provides various shipping speeds, from the swift air mail services to cost-effective surface choices. In this discussion, we aim to delineate the projected delivery periods for both local and global parcels so as to give you a better understanding of when your item should reach its destination.

Domestic Delivery Times

In the expansive territory of China, local parcel delivery is impressively quick, often occurring within a 2 to 7-day timeframe. Yet it’s crucial to remember that China Post also takes its weekends seriously, so these should be excluded when estimating your package’s expected time of arrival.

International Delivery Times

Crossing the threshold of China, delivery times for international parcels can differ significantly. The timing for your package to reach you is influenced by elements such as the selected shipping service, the country of destination, customs procedures, and additional logistical factors.

From countries in close proximity within Asia to those far-flung across Europe and America, we will provide an overview of what anticipated delivery schedules look like for your global shipments.

Solutions for Tracking Issues

Even with meticulous preparation, there are moments when tracking experiences aren’t seamless. Instances where updates on tracking lag behind or items are indicated as delivered but remain elusive can lead to a mix of annoyance and perplexity.

We will directly address these problems in this part by offering strategies that can help you resolve them effectively and restore the proper course of your package tracking.

Why is My Tracking Not Updating?

When your tracking status remains unchanged, don’t fret—there are a whole host of explanations for delayed updates. We will delve into various causes such as delays in customs or the peculiarities of international shipping that might affect tracking progress and provide guidance on how to find the most recent details about your package.

What to Do if Tracking Says Delivered but You Haven’t Received It

When your shipping journey takes an unwelcome turn with the tracking indicating ‘Delivered’, yet the package remains missing, it’s important to stay calm and proceed methodically. There’s a series of sensible actions you can take which include verifying with neighbors or contacting nearby couriers that may assist in uncovering the whereabouts of a seemingly lost parcel reported as delivered but not actually received. We are here to help navigate you through these steps to find your absent shipment.

Contacting China Post Customer Service

If you’re experiencing difficulties, or if you require the assistance of a person, reaching out to China Post Customer Service should be your following action. Their team offers specialized support for inquiries within the country as well as those from abroad and is prepared to help resolve any issues related to tracking or address any queries that arise.

Contact Methods

China. Post ensures that assistance is readily accessible, whether you have a penchant for the directness of a phone conversation or favor the ease provided by email correspondence. Support options are available to cater to customers both within China and globally, ensuring help is merely a call or an electronic message away.

You will be furnished with precise details necessary to initiate contact and obtain the support you seek.


As we wrap up this journey through the labyrinth of China Post tracking, it’s clear that staying informed about your package’s progress requires a blend of knowledge, tools, and sometimes a bit of patience. With a better understanding of the services, tracking number formats, and troubleshooting methods, you’re now equipped to navigate the tracking process like a seasoned pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my China Post tracking number?

To locate your tracking number for China Post, you should contact the sender, sign in to your account where the order was placed if it originated from China, or request help from the seller. This post tracking number is essential to monitor your package’s journey.

What does the 'Order Information Received' status mean?

The status “Order Information Received” indicates that China Post has been given the shipment details by the seller. The actual parcel is still pending processing by China Post.

Can I track a China Post package without a tracking number?

Regrettably, monitoring the progress of a China Post package is unfeasible without possessing its tracking number. The tracking number serves as an indispensable tool for tracking the shipment.

Why might my China Post tracking information not update for a long period?

Your China Post tracking information may not update for a long period due to transit delays, customs inspections, or the destination country not providing scan results.

It’s common for these reasons to cause tracking delays.

What should I do if my package is marked as delivered, but I haven't received it?

In the event that your package has been indicated as delivered yet you have not received it, initially inspect with neighbors or any secure spots. Should it remain missing, proceed to contact your local post office for assistance.