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Canada Post Tracking

Founded in 1867, the Royal Mail Canada as it was known until the 1960s is part of the Canadian government and was the official postal operator for the country. Changing its name to Canada Post, in 1981 the company switched from government run to being operated by a Crown corporation. Today, the company provides service to over 16 million addresses across Canada and delivers over 8 billion items each year.

How Do I Track a Canada Post Package?

The first step is to obtain the tracking number from the receipt, delivery notice card, or the package itself. You can also use the reference number provided at the origination point. The person who sent the package may include a separate number along with the delivery date for the purposes of ensuring the package can be properly tracked.

You go to the Canada Post Tracking Number page and enter the number in the designated space. If the number is valid you should receive the last known location of the package where it was scanned. As packages are sent from the origination point to the destination point, they are scanned at the time they were delivered to a Canada Post office, when they are loaded onto a transport vehicle, as they pass through any processing centers, and finally when they are sent out for delivery.

What does a Canada Post Tracking Number Look Like?

The tracking number itself can be found on the package, receipt, and on the delivery notice card, so you can enter the information to find the location of the delivery. Canada Post tracking numbers come in two forms, a 16-digit tracking number consisting of all numerals. Or, a 13-digit tracking number that mixes numerals with characters from the alphabet.

16-Digit Example: 0000 0000 0000 0000

13-Digit Example: AA 000 000 000 BB

Either of the numbers may be used for the delivery of the package itself. It is also possible that a reference number was created by the person who sent the package. If that is the case, then the number should appear either on the delivery notice card or the receipt. That number can be different combinations of numbers or letters depending on what is used.

Canada Post Delivery Times

Canada Post has set delivery times for all items that are sent within the country. Delivery times might vary if the package falls outside the standard size and weight requirements. Otherwise, the delivery times are as follows.

  • Local Mail: Two Business Days
  • Province Mail: Three Business Days
  • National Mail: Four Business Days

Local mail is considered within a town or city. Province mail is within a single province, while national mail is within the country. The mail is delivered Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm. Mail is not delivered on statutory holidays such as New Year’s Day or Christmas.

Any special requests for delivery should be made at a Canada Post station or online depending on the size, weight, and any special circumstances concerning the package that is to be delivered.